Eidos Gala Challenge Awards 2017: StartSomeGood and Red Hat Impact 0

Date: Monday, December 11, 2017
By: Eidos Institute

Thanks to everyone who attended the first (and sold-out) Eidos Gala Challenge Awards.

Congratulations StartSomeGood's Tom Dawkins and Red Hat Impact | Real Sustainability's Paul Howorth receiving the Eidos Challenge Award and the $25,000 contribution to your idea Lend for Good

Congratulations also to Unscrabble's Sujata Karandikar for winning the Gala award with the Unscrabble proposal.

For winning the Colin Power People's Choice Award, congratulations to Digital StorytellersNatasha Akib and Armand Lespoir 'Stories for Impact' idea.

On behalf of Allan English's Family Foundation and EFF Lead Belinda Morrissey - well deserved all. We appreciate Belinda's enthusiasm and partnership throughout the whole process.

“I would like to add on behalf of the EFF just how thrilled we are with the calibre and professionalism of the applicants. There are some really great ideas in there, some of which we would like to continue discussions with even if they don’t win on the night. This has been a very rewarding process to have a highly engaging platform to source and tap into ideas which would normally not come through to us.” – Belinda Morrissey, English Family Foundation 

Tremendous effort finalists Matt Perfect's Tradable Income-Based Securities (TIBS)and Nat Ware's SpendHackEidos Institute and the English Family Foundation have committed to working with you through the Eidos Connections phase of the Challenge to connect you and continue providing critical mentoring and feedback from members of the Research Committee.

The Eidos Institute's Board  Lindley EdwardsJim Varghese AM, and Narelle Kennedy AM would like to send a special thanks to the Eidos Institute Research Committee chaired by Geoff Woolcock and members Lisa WoodJo BarraketIngrid Burkett, and Wendy Scaife for your interrogation of the ideas over the past few months. Your selection was rigorous and thoughtful. Timothy O'Brien your input into the Challenge design transformed the project. Great speech Monica Bradley - uplifted everyone in the room and thanks for the numerous connections you bring to evening such as this. You were brilliant Kaerlin McCormick - haven't seen too many evenings woven together with such intelligence and humour as Thursday night.  

“The English Family Foundation has been particularly focused on the growth of social enterprise in Australia for the past few years. It is clear now that we must develop the capability of the sector to explore new approaches to scaling for impact. We partnered with Eidos as their framework is an innovative way for us to open this issue up to hear national voices.” - Allan English, Executive Chairman, English Family Foundation.

Backbone of the challenge Timothy LondonRyan Menner and Fiona Muirhead executed a brilliant prototype experience for all involved. Something we can proudly share into the problem solving landscape in #Australia. Throughout the Eidos Challenge 595 users registered and created profiles on the Sandbox platform. Since the final week of first round submissions, there has been 4925 website sessions, and more than 22,000 page views.

I'm off to the beach. I'm I don't get a chance to connect with you can I extend to you according to your personal practice a blessed Christmas or a fun filled end of year. To each of you though may I wish you a safe end of year period and ongoing good health. May you have a brilliant 2018 in which our interaction is a meaningful element of that experience.

-Bruce Muirhead, CEO and Founder, Eidos 


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